Starting a career in web design is more than just web design, you need to know business plans as well as strategies and tactics on how to make your website stand out from others. There are 1.5 billion websites actively running, the way you build, design and implement content into a website is how you reach your target audiences and gain traffic to your site. To hire someone to build a website costs a lot. Web design in 2020 is vital for all businesses. 

First of all, you should decide where you want to specialise in, becoming a web developer is a complex job and making a website by yourself can be quite the challenge. Most web developers use software programmes such as JavaScript frameworks, version control and CSS. you should not only be skilled in these software programmes you should also have an understanding of elements such as user interface and mobile phone application development or front and backend development, but all of these topics will also enable you to be a very skilled web developer.

The first step to take if you wish to become a web developer is to gain education and training. There is no conventional or specific degree or education course that links directly to a career as a web developer, however, it is very possible and achievable to become a web developer with or without formal teaching. While you are able to learn coding language by yourself, there is more to web design than just coding. There are so many more key topics you are able to implement into websites such as bearing in mind user interface and front and back-end. Some employers may desire a web developer with skills further than just coding. More recently training providers have decided to implement some Digital Marketing aspects into the course so they are more rounded and have a vast understanding of web development than just coding. Harnessing these skills will have to be necessary when it comes to web development because if your skills as a web developer are shown and vast it will trump a GCSE or A level in computing.

There are many different online courses you are able to take that will expand your CV or online profile and having numerous different certificates and qualifications will only make you look better in an employer’s or clients eye’s, having a portfolio of all your work will work in your favour because most employees will want to see a physical example of your skills in place. Then you should consider where you do want to work, you could work in an office environment or you might choose to work from abroad, that is the beauty of being in this digital line of work.

Here at TechGeek UK, we are based in West London and we provide a course on web development, our tutors have years of experience and certificates that will take your web development understanding further and help you with your first steps in the web developing world.


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